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we may be millions of miles apart but just talking to you is more than enough and always makes my day

ur millions of miles apart?? u talking to aliens?? the government is going to hear about this.

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lets flashback to when sean kinney saw the pictures of chris cornell on my phone bc it wanted to freeze at the absolute worse moment…ok lets not flashback to that lmao

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so since my brothers phone is a piece of shit i gave him my old phone n i deleted pretty much everything aside from a few pictures that i just didn’t have the heart to delete and i told him he could delete them and he said “na its cool” without realizing his lock screen is jerry cantrell and his home screen is chris cornell and knowing how not that tech savvy he is i feel it’ll remain like that forever.

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them: what’s your favorite flavor of jam???



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Robert Plant backstage at the Bath Festival, 1970.
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